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Do you have an online existence? If not, do you exist?

September 14, 2011 by admin

That’s something to think about today, isn’t it?

Off the top of my head, here’s why, in today’s virtual world, everybody needs a Website or an Online Existence…

Moving around, meeting new people is always exciting and good fun…Everybody wants to know more about you, some times even before they meet you. Everybody has something about them that impacts your outlook to life.

The Web, in my opinion, has redefined “space”
. It has made it so much easier for parents to call and video chat with their out-of-the-country children, employees to look for better opportunities, people to find old friends from school/college, colleagues from previous companies, ex-girlfriends (yours or your friend’s), or even people you’re not too fond of (just to see what they’re upto)…

Rapidly growing technology has made it so much easier to meet people online than actually driving around the corner and physically meeting them.

Even if you do take the trouble to drive around the corner and meet somebody in person, aside from regular chit-chat and in-between snacks, you’ll need some gadget or the other, or make gadget-related conversation to entertain yourself.

existenceJust took my snack break in between this writing spree—chips and coffee can only help!

Now back to Online Existence…

Having an existence on the web today is more a necessity than a want, especially for businesses online.

Most people wonder whether a business needs a website; I say, “Stop right there” ‘coz there’s no doubt about it.

Just like every teenager should have Facebook profile, or every listed telephone should appear in the local directory, every business should have a website. It’s not only about the popularity, but also for visibility and recognition. It’s about making your presence felt, in this case, on the Internet.

According to recent research trends, the Internet is one of the leading platforms for customers to find you. If you’re looking for returns, it’s only necessary that you make the investment…

So, after my rant, if you do decide to have a website, make sure that your web designer has the right knowledge to make your website.

Also remember that along with great design skills, your content and knowledge on online marketing, business advice, website usability, consulting and SEO are just as important.

After all, there’s no point in a website that looks fabulous but does not give the user the information he is looking for.

No matter what your business, whether it’s a burger stand or an online product catalogue, and no matter what the cost, to thrive in today’s complex virtual web, you need a website.

And so, before I sign off, I ask you again, “Do you have an online existence? If not, do you exist?”

Image courtesy www.savagechickens.com, www.cartoonstock.com, www.clangnuts.com

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